Closing the loop in the textiles industry

The Fibersort-technology is able to sort large volumes of mixed post-consumer textiles by fiber type with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Once sorted, these materials become reliable consistent feedstocks for new cycles of textile production. The next natural step to remove this key bottle-neck in the recycling of the current mountains of discarded clothes is widespread application of the technology in new circular chains of production and consumption. This was the reason for Wieland Textiles, Reshare, Valvan Baling Systems, Circular Economy, Procotex, Worn Again and Smart Fiber Sortingto join forces and develop the Interreg-project ‘Fibersort: closing the loop in the textiles industry’. This EU-funded project aims to commercialize the equipment and publicly release information to accelerate the transition to circularity. The project runs from September 2017 until September 2019.