Tailor made feedstocks from post-consumer textiles

Fibersort transforms large volumes of mixed, post-consumer textiles into neatly sorted bales of specified categories of fabric. These outputs are fit to be the consistent inputs for new cycles of textile production. While there are no limits to the types of fabric that the technology can recognize and separate into uniform categories of fibers, clients can pick their own specifications in terms of composition, color (light or dark) and structure with a view to the textile feedstocks they need to make their end-products.

Are you a purchaser for a jeans brand and looking for strong fibers of blue colored pure cotton? Call us. Or, maybe you are the procurement officer of a textile shredding company who is in need of large amounts of feedstock of soft and flexible fabric with high portions of polyamides, viscose or silk? Mail us. Or, maybe you are a designer of a furniture company who wants to design new sustainable and fashionable coverings out of textiles like acryl, wool, or linen? Whatever wishes you have with regard to post-consumer textile feedstocks, contact us. Fibersort can fulfill them all.

Fibersort machine